Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New School Clothes! :)

Well I didn't get a lot of school clothes this year like usual.... Cuz I'm BROKE!! But.... I did get some really really really cute clothes!!!! :) And I'm one happy girl!

The best most modest under shirts ever! I love them :)

It is actually dark Purple and grey stripes... The funny part is that blue color isn't even close!?

Emily picked this one out, I thought I wouldn't like it but I love it! :)

OMG! I love these pockets!!!!! :) They are ridiculously cute!!

Love this necklace <3

My grey Vans! My favorite! :)

Purple and blue backpack! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One amazing man! :)

I have been thinking about my old seminary teacher lately. I had him for my Sophomore and junior year. I remember the day I met him like it was yesterday!! Kylee, Kazhia, and I went to the school during the summer for a swim practice and on our way home we saw a car at the seminary building so we decided to go over there. I was actually 14 and going to be a freshman the next school year. So we went in and I don't know what we thought.. Haha but I think I thought he was weird! :) So he talked to us, and showed us the seminary room... and we also ended up finding out he knew a guy in our ward, and we were the first kids to meet him!!!! :) (I never let him forget that...) But anyways.. I just amazes me that he is already gone... I was looking forward to this coming year sooo much! I have made so many good memories with him and in seminary! Like the cheesy movies he always showed, Every year we watched the phone call haha I loved it!, playing games that always seemed to get way too crazy, cookie Friday he would always bring the greenest bananas for me :), when we would act out the stories in the Scriptures (Haha that never went too well...), when he would pull out those stupid pool noodles I hated those!!, and just those everyday funnies!! :) I'm really gonna miss him! Everyday in Seminary I would be like, "OK, today! I'm gonna pay attention!!" and if you know me... my mind is thinking of 100 thing at once... and I would get distracted. Hahaha I always felt bad.. BUT! I am reading the Book of Mormon this summer with my ward, and it all comes back! I remember all his lessons and how he taught the stories to us! It is amazing how much I remember, and how much I have learned!! So thanks bro. Goss! You are one amazing man! You have really made an impact on my life these past years! :) And your new class doesn't even know how lucky they are!

OK so the pic up top has a story :) I took the picture that is below and as you can see totally cut off my face so he grabbed the camera and said, "let me do it! I'll show you how to take a picture!" And he counted down but on 1 he pointed it to him and left me out!! It was so him to do something like that!!!
(Above) I really love the picture!! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you thought my other bracelets were cute......


Me, Megan, & Whitney got together last night to make bracelets! (I found out they are actually called watchlets!) Anyways... So ya We made "watchlets"! Andddd they turned out soooooo cute!!! :) I love my purple one!!!! :) I love love love ittt! And I love Megan's zebra one! She went through a night of frustration while making her bracelet Haha, it was fun to see her go through what I once went through as a novice beader :) Whitney left early so I didn't get any pics of her watch.... We had so much fun we were beading till nearly MIDNIGHT!! I cant wait till we do it again!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Watch!

I made Andrea Nipper a watch for her Birthday! I really wanted to keep it! Haha, I love it! :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Watch Faces!

These are pretty much the faces you can choose from if you are interested in buying one :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

New DREAM Shoes!!

I've wanted these shoes for so long! Everyone has them! And at first I thought they were ugly... But then I started to like them, but I do that with all the new fashions... But I was waiting for the PERFECT pair, and I found them! :) Check them out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More bracelets! :)

I love making these! :) It is so fun to come up with new ideas for bracelets! Yesterday I made a bracelet with 4 strands, so hard! It took me like 2 hours! I just cant wait to get some money so I can make some more! :)

I love this one! It is super cute! But for some reason the big pink beads are cracking on the inside... :/

This is my 4 strand band, I love it! It is so fancy! :)
And, I made my first sale! :) If anyone is interested they are $25 for the band and watch face, or $15 for just a band. You can do any color and pick out your watch face and I can get it to you in about a week so email me @ eatsleepswim@hotmail.com or text @ 480-440-8508

These are the watch faces we use, we don't have access to all of these faces, but most of them